Making contact and having communication with those who've passed over - beyond the veil that screens this world from the heavenly realms - seems sometimes to be an easier proposition than communicating with those still living on this earth plane! However, with the advent of the world wide web, possibilities for reaching out to the currently incarnate have greatly increased! So here we are - communicating! If you would like to see and hear a tutorial explaining that, and hearing my explanation of how it's done, I have a video called 'There is life after death - Be your own medium' on my Lyn Guest de Swarte YouTube channel!

Some time ago now,I decided to drag myself forward into this new technological age and construct a website to put me back in touch with the many people that I have missed 'chatting' with in the way that I did during my time at Psychic News - now fast receding into history! I know that there are even more people who didn't read PN for whatever reason but who perhaps will find something of interest to them here. So in this way I felt I could rekindle and renew the contact that I used to have with the thousands of spiritually and primarily Spiritualistically minded people who used to read Psychic News,as well as the Hydesville Day Magazine that I instituted and edited annually for four years and after that, the Spiritualist then Spiritual News way back in 2008/9/10! An article on my friend and colleague in Spiritualism Colin Fry was printed in Spiritual Newsi back then and is reproduced on a page here. It seems that this idea of mine has been well received because I have had emails via the 'contact' page letting me know how people are getting on. Also of course through my Facebook personal pages which are Lyn Gibb-de Swarte or Rev Lyn Gibb-de Swarte. If you have checked into this website because you are of enquiring mind about all things psychic and spiritual, you may like to take a look at my other website that promotes a new approach to modern Spiritualism. It's called and it's both London based with monthly gatherings with Senior Ministers Reverend Garry Titheridge contact number 07505825605, Reverend Karren Cambridge, Reverend Alan Acton, Reverend Pollyanna Boothby - Tucker, Reverend Teresa Aveiro who are all on Facebook; and in Lincolnshire and Northumberland with Reverend Joseph Arthur Wright and Reverend Scott Williams; in Bridlington we have Pastures Green Church with Reverend Jeanette Bolton and in Southern England we have Reverend Ross Bartlett and Reverend Guy Taylor, while meetings are held at Southwick Community Centre under the leadership of Reverend Denise Mascherpa (SWANS)You may also call on the services of Reverend Karen Barker and Reverend Kevin Hopwood who are also in West Sussex.And in Cambridgeshire we have Reverend Kim Brady. In Littleport our Senior Minister Reverend Nick Brown conducts meetings every week at Littleport Village Hall - our administrator there is Reverend Wendie E Perry. Rev Cathy Gibb-de Swarte is also Deacon for me in my ministerial and admin commitments. The contact number for Rev Brown is 07703964252 and there are other activities such as workshops and ministry courses for its members/partners. My book that contains lots of useful information about Spiritualism and Spiritualist practices, workshops, stories about mediumship and mediums, what ministry means, together with services and lots more besides is available from for less than ?15. It's called The Spiritualists' Handbook and I hope you find it an interesting and enjoyable spiritual read... Many people have asked me about my life and experiences, before, during and since PN. I thought about changing this page completely so that those who revisit have something fresh to see, but the stuff about my past - like everyone else's - can't be changed! So that part remaineth! Of course there's more than I've written, but that's another story... As you may know,in the old days of the weekly newspaper that was established in 1932 by medium and journalist, Maurice Barbanell,Psychic News, now unfortunately no more, for nigh on 7 years I contributed articles and also wrote my weekly "Letter from the Editor" as well as presenting a letters page that welcomed readers' news and views. So too in other earlier publications of which I was editor, Sportswoman and Sportsworld International as well as the Rink Link newspaper among others. I left PN in May 2003 and after 5 years had elapsed - with no mention of my actual leaving or reports of my ensuing work - which included serving a Church in America and giving two days of public mediumship demonstrations at the Ideal Home Exhibition followed by private aura readings - 'gracing' its pages-I was asked to produce and edit another paper, Spiritualist News. The proprietors left me high and dry as we say, so I tried to continue what I thought was a worthwhile project but had to throw in the towel once all savings were gone! In these publications too I penned a letter, feeling that I was in touch with every reader individually. I felt that I had a friend even though I may never have known that friend in the ordinary way, a penfriend in fact. So here I am writing this letter to you, to tell you a little of my life and to perhaps offer you some interesting spiritual and Spiritualist items on these pages that I hope you will like. As a journalist, author and medium, communication, with both the living and the 'dead', has been my life for over a quarter of a century. For just over 12 years before that I'd devoted all my spare time to serious short track ice speed skating, then ice hockey, some fen outdoor skating when the rare opportunity arose, and in latter years helping to develop opportunities in sport generally for women and girls. I was an executive founder member of the Women's Sports Foundation and I published the first all sports magazine for women, Sportswoman, in 1985. In 1991/92 I coached The South African Speed Skating Squad after apartheid had ended and the boycott lifted, and accompanied them to the World Championships in America by which time the youngest of my six children had passed his 18th birthday. Four years later I was appointed editor of Psychic News - then the world's oldest weekly Spiritualist paper. By this time I'd developed my mediumistic gifts at Lewisham Spiritualist Church, first serving there as a resident medium, healer and circle leader and had gone on to teach mediumship and healing both here in the UK and in Israel. After leaving PN I was ordained by United Spiritualists and in 2005 spent time as acting Minister to the Albertson Memorial Church in Connecticut USA. I have established churches and trained working mediums, spreading the word about our Spiritualist way of life however, and wherever I can, in as uplifting and encouraging a manner as I can... In the early days of digital and satellite I appeared on UK Living TV in its 'Why Files' series with Phil Scott and presenter Dave Barratt. I was filmed at Drury Lane Theatre 'ghost hunting' and at the London Dungeon and The Clink Museum. I gave readings on Granada's Breeze television channel and have taken part in more serious debates on BBC and ITV programmes such as 'Esther', 'Kilroy' and Lowrie Turner. I've spoken many times on radio on questions of Spiritualist science and philosophy. I answered questions for the internet portal provider Tiscali on their own web pages every week for about five years. On behalf of that company I demonstrated mediumship at the Ideal Home Exhibition in Olympia. There's actually a clip of that on another page here on this website! I fought the Spiritualist corner politically on radio and in newspapers before the repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act and produced the crusading Spiritualist paper Spiritual News at that critical time. I was the last medium to sit at the Official Houdini Seance at the Magic Circle theatre which was filmed by Italian film makers and have appeared on Japanese and Australian television. The Daily Express and the Mail featured my work and I have demonstrated mediumship at various theatres - including the 'Medley of Mediums' with Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell, Ron Jordan and Andy Mulligan before they were tv personalities and with Keith Charles (Psychic Cop) for Life After Death Promotions (LAD) run by impressario and past President of Wimbledon Spiritualist Church Derek Robinson who started his venture with mediums Gordon Higginson and Doris Stokes. Derek who was always a supportive friend to me passed to Spirit in November 2014. He is a very great loss to the Spiritualist movement. In 1988 I received the 'Magazine Sportswriter of the Year' award from the Sports Council and the Sports Writers Association and wrote the book 'Women and Sport'. This is still in use as a college textbook and can still be found in libraries. In 1998 I was asked by the same publishers, Thorsons, to write another on Spiritualism that would interest the general public. The Principles of Spiritualism sold out and like its forerunner was doing the rounds on Amazon and Ebay etc. So many people were having to buy it second hand for large amounts that I thought I'd better write an updated version and one that could also be purchased for a reasonable price. This updated version of my book/diy manual 'More Principles of Spiritualism' was available on this website but is now sold out. It has been replaced with a much larger more comprehensive volume that includes information on ministry plus many services,called The Spiritualists' Handbook which is purchasable from and you can find out more about it and its contents on Page 6 on this website. I was a healer trainer with the Brighthelm Healing Trust (BAHA) for many years. I was Life President of the Littleport Ely and District Spiritualists that disbanded under SNU guidance to move into Ely with a changed name - allowing its original members to regroup under the auspices of our new society and to use the same venue as when we founded it in Littleport Cambridgeshire. I returned to Littleport as a serving speaker and medium and now have resumed the close association with Spiritualists thereabouts! After moving to the South Coast and starting the Doris Stokes memorial meetings there at various venues, I was asked to help restore the Corinthian Church and Healing Association's HQ Church at Primrose Hall by the Head and Founder of the Corinthians, Reverend Ron Jones who has now sadly passed on to the spirit world he served, and which I did assisted very ably by medium and healer Rev Cathy Swarte to good effect. I left after it was up and running - and then returned to London. A television news company from Australia came to the Doris Stokes mini meeting to film a service and table turning, and interview me prior to the repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act. This was screened on the Australian News Network. This can be viewed on You Tube if you type in my name. I hope you enjoy watching! Meanwhile there is an informative article on Page 27 referring to this meeting.A good friend, Peter Sleight, a web-wizard, kindly put a clip of me giving a reading to actor Brian Conley on page 17. I hope you'll enjoy that less intense demo of mediumship! The table turning with Cathy Gibb-de Swarte mentioned on Page 27 is included in the You Tube videos! The New Spiritualists' Society has been gathering strength and now has ordained ministers of exceptional note and proven abilities of mediumship and healing as well as an academy providing tuition on all things Spiritualistic! I would love to hear from you and hear your opinions on all matters spiritual and Spiritualist, so do get in touch! I am of course on Facebook!You can message me on that or send me a message by email to or via the 'contact form' page. I look forward to hearing from you. I am currently busy with ice speed skating again! It was my love of the ice that brought me into Spiritualism... Kay Dibling had come to Streatham Ice Speed Club in 1975, and as well as becoming a world-class short track speed skater , became my friend. She was a Spiritualist and when I was upset over my dad's passing in 1991, encouraged me to accompany her to a Spiritualist Church. The way of life and philosophy and science of it assuaged some of my upset, and set me on my pathway... The Littleport Ice Stadium Project is community based with some special people who are helping. There is a website, for more on that. An enclosed 400 metre ice oval track around a 100x50m Bandy ice pitch in Littleport! I hope you enjoy the pages - and the music that I've chosen to share with you. Yours in Love, Light and Truth, and Sport, Lyn ? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is our academy shield, our logo. The photo at the top of this page was taken by a member of the congregation of The Albertson Memorial Church in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, USA where Lyn conducted services, workshops and also gave private readings. Lyn made many friends there. In England the New Spiritualists' Society, founded by Rev Lyn, has really been expanding. The headquarters is to be found in the historic East Anglian village of Littleport. 'The Spiritualists' Handbook' (purchase on is a comprehensive guide to all things Spiritualist and spiritual